Friday, January 30, 2009

Social networking site that pays 100% FREE

Social Networks That Pay This social network pays you 6 levels deep and in DOLLARS not cents whenever anyone in your downline is an active member. The nice part is that you can also earn RESIDUAL INCOME on all spending per month. 6DGR will pay you by debit card and / or free eTrade card. * FOR ONCE IN YOUR ONLINE CAREER, YOU CAN GAIN ALL OF THE BENEFITS OF JOINING A NEW SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE THAT PAYS (THERE ARE VERY FEW GROUPS, BLOGS, ADS). PLUS, NOT MANY KNOW ABOUT THIS NEW NETWORK!!! REFER 1000 members to 6dgr and get a $1000 bonus!!! I. How to get paid on 6dgr

A) 6dgr pays out a referral fee once a referral becomes active.

1) Active – to be active you must complete their profile, put up a picture and sign up for at least one payment method that pays out a referral fee through 6dgr’s link provided in the account section in the 6dgr backoffice.

2) Referral fee payout schedule - $3 on 1st level, $2 on 2nd level and $1 on the 3rd to 6th level

a) Example – referring just 10 active referrals that refer 10 active referrals each 6 levels deep will give you 1 million members in your 6th level. At $1 per referral payout on your 6th level, that’s $1 million dollars just on your 6th level. Sign up below, click on the banner

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